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Art is the signature of man.
— GK Chesterton

The power of film is the ability to convey emotion through both the visual and auditory senses.

Harnessing this power to move an audience is the focal point of 550 Productions. 

550 Productions is an award-winning video production company founded by Josh Keffer. 




550 Productions works in a diverse array of genres including promotional, documentary and motion graphics films.  



It's always humbling to have a company ask me to communicate their mission, purpose and brand through film. They've poured themselves into their brand and I get to capture that passion and channel it into a video production.  

I've been privileged to work with people building products, selling services and raising awareness through non-profits. Getting to know what drives those people behind each corporation and passing that on to the viewer is one of my favorite parts of what I do. 


It wasn't so long ago that a single aerial shot could cost tens of thousands of dollars. The advent of camera-carrying unmanned aerial systems, or drones, has rapidly brought the world of aerial filming into the realm of filmmakers like me. As an FAA licensed, fully insured Unmanned Aerial System pilot, I'm able to bring the unique perspective of aerial film into many of the projects I produce. 


Documentary film is what got me into this business. Getting to capture the beauty and emotion of people's stories through the medium of film will always be exiting to me. I've been fortunate to interview dozens of WW2 veterans, survivors of abuse, and criminals who've been reformed through life-changing experiences. Each of these stories has something that we can identify with, and ultimately, these stories have the power to change each person who hears them. 



As the film industry has evolved and audiences have become more sophisticated, motion graphics have become a critical means of engaging with those audiences. The process of blending art, storytelling and design into a video is a challenge I love to take on. It's a unique medium and one that grabs the viewer's attention right from the start.